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How We Work

We work with small and medium-sized businesses to improve their performance while building their capacity for short-term and long-term growth. While every business is unique in some ways, we use our experience from hundreds of other enterprises to ensure the success of each client. The common themes are usually in the areas of:

  • Revenue generation
  • Financial management
  • Human capital and staffing
  • Operational effectiveness

Our Approach

Our unique approach involves understanding the business owner as a person, not just an entrepreneur. We have learned that the business is often an expression of the personalities, vision and expertise of the principal owners. We strive for close alignment between these attributes and those of the enterprise.

We realize that our consulting services are only valuable to the client if the business succeeds within the framework of this alignment.

How We Help Our Clients

Growth Mode

Companies that have reached a plateau in their growth and are looking for the people, systems, procedures and tools to get them to the next level

Profit Mode

We help companies looking to accelerate the profitability in their business. Our business experts will help you understand where profit is being left on the table in your business and position you for higher returns.

Turnaround Mode

We help companies to position themselves for recovery and growth. Our team of business experts will review:

  • Organizational redesign
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Operational cost reductions
  • Financial restructuring
  • Investment and Financing

Succession Planning and Exit Planning

We help our clients plan for their future by evaluating all their options and helping them plan to exit their business.